And we’re off!

Today I officially announced the publication of the novel and it’s availability on Amazon.

I could in fact have made the announcement last week, but the initial price for both paperback and hardcover was so outrageous it would have scared everyone away. In the past couple of days, to my immense relief, the price has come down substantially. Now I just have to get the word out.

To that end, I’ve created a Facebook page and the response just over the past few hours has been beyond my wildest expectations! But seeing as it would be a bit much to expect my friends and family to make this a bestseller on their own, I will need to branch out in other ways. In the coming days I’ll make my first foray  into the netherworld of Instagram, an altogether strange and decidedly foreign critter for an old fogey like myself.

Also, I received just about the loveliest and unexpected compliment today, when someone close to me who hadn’t yet seen the cover exclaimed: “Wow! It looks like a real book!” What more could a first-time author hope for?

More to come…







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