Early reviews… (WOW!)

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I’ll just let these speak for themselves…


5 Stars: Fabulous book – a unique reading experience!

It is not often that you come across a novel that so masterfully combines elements of mystery, science fiction, and the complexities of our own humanity. With a blend of humour, intelligence and compassion, Mr. Bourgault makes you fall in love with his characters – so much so that you don’t want to finish the book because you don’t want to let them go.

5 Stars: This book deserves your attention

The Perpetual Now is a book I thoroughly enjoyed reading. The story has so many layers and moves between different genres with ease. There are elements of a whodunnit mixed in with a coming of age topped off with some supernatural à-là-Stephen King vibe. The story is set in Ferguston, a small Northern Ontario city. The author provides a rich description of Ferguston and its residents through the eyes of our storyteller Justin, an exceptional twelve year old biracial boy. The story moves along at a good pace and is filled with unexpected events right up to the end. The Perpetual Now is a very satisfying read and recommend it to anyone. I look forward to reading more stories from this author.

5 Stars

Fantastic book from this Canadian first time author. You don’t realize how much you miss reading books that clearly occupy Canadian space until you have a great one in your hands.

Perfect mix of mystery and fantasy while still feeling rooted in a gritty, realistic small town. The characters felt fleshed out, and I was left guessing and surprised until the very last page. Seriously – what an epilogue!

5 Stars

This book is strikingly creative and intriguing. You are curious through each upcoming event of the book, and keep reading with full attention, and then Oupla complete surprise in its ending … while in afterthrough it is a very logical conclusion. You live between worlds, a new vision of our lived universe. It would make a very good television series (and the author could continue writing the series, Yay!)… or a film. J. Bourgault is a skilled writer, with a wonderful mastery of English and French. To be read for sure. [Goodreads]

5 Stars: A very compelling read!

This was a very compelling read. I especially enjoyed the character development and the intertwining of two story lines. The author makes excellent use of descriptive metaphors and the ending of the story is very well thought out.

4 Stars: Great story!

Enjoyable read.
Well written coming of age story blending nostalgia, mystery, intrigue and fantasy. Perfect escapism from the crazy pandemic world!

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