Proud, excited, and scared shitless

I have a new WEBSITE, and it’s beautiful!

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 5.15.00 PM

It’s the official website for The Perpetual Now, put together by the good folks at Tellwell. It has a dust-jacket synopsis of the novel, an excerpt, a bit about me, a Q & A, and links to purchase the book through Amazon and Barns & Noble. There’s also space for a blog, which I expect will focus specifically on news and events pertaining to the promotion of the book. That doesn’t mean this blog is going anywhere: I figure I’ll continue to use it for new work and my personal ramblings, while the new one will be a lot more official in tone.

And then just a few days ago, this happened!

Photo on 2020-05-15 at 1.42 PM

A partial delivery of the 100 copies I ordered for promotional purposes. While a number of people have already received their’s over the past week or so, this is the first time I actually get to hold my baby! I’m thrilled to death by how it looks and feels, just like a REAL BOOK! The cover with its matte finish is everything I hoped for, the map is gorgeous, and the interior layout (after so much teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling early on) is perfect. And at 420 pages, the book has a certain heft to it, which I love.


A real book… with pages and everything!

Now comes the scary part, as readers open their Amazon boxes, settle themselves into their favourite comfy chairs, and begin to wade into my little universe. Having once been a theatre actor, I’ve had a whiff of this before, as has anyone who has ever stepped out onstage to sing, dance or tell jokes, or who has publicly exhibited a work of art, or released a piece of music. It’s the exhilarating terror that comes with putting something of yourself out into the world.

At this moment I don’t care if the novel makes a ton of money, or gets picked up by a major publisher, or gets adapted into a screenplay and made into a blockbuster movie (although these would all be nice).

I just really, REALLY hope you enjoy my book!

2 thoughts on “Proud, excited, and scared shitless

  1. The book looks beautiful and I love the picture of you with it. I can’t wait to read it! Well done, young man. So happy for you! XO


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