Cover Art

Now don’t get too excited there, kiddies, but I thought I’d share my cover design concept with you. This doesn’t mean anything is imminent (I’m still tearing my hair out at how I’m going to shorten the damn thing) but I thought I’d have some fun. Nor is this a futile exercise. As I’m likely going to proceed via the assisted self-publishing route, I’ll have a lot more say on the cover design than if I were to go with a traditional publisher (which sits just fine with a control freak like me). And as I happen to be a trained graphic designer who’s done this kind of thing before (namely for theatre and film), this ain’t my first rodeo.

So my question to you, dear reader, is this: if you were browsing through the new releases at your favourite book store, would this design entice you enough to pull it off the shelf and read the dust jacket?


Might add a couple of things: New York Times Bestseller across the top,
Scotiabank Giller Prize Winner stamped on the side, stuff like that…

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