The Perpetual Now: Dramatis Personae

An annotated and (almost) complete listing of the characters in my novel.

Justin Lambert: Narrator. Resident of Ferguston, Ontario. Aged 12*. Son of Martin Lambert, a teacher at St. Marc public school, and Élise François, emergency physician, missing since 1996. Above average intelligence. Biracial. Introvert. Skeptic. Atheist. Voracious reader. Interests include: science (esp. astronomy, palaeontology, archaeology), sci-fi, jazz music, coffee, writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. Quiet, serious demeanour bordering on grave. Avid cyclist. Beginning to discover girls. Few close friends. Worships his dad, longs to be closer.

* Justin narrates the story as an adult, reminiscing on the events of 2006 when he was 12.

Martin Lambert: Father of Justin, still-grieving husband of Élise François, who has been missing since 1996. Younger brother of Carl Lambert, a lawyer from Sudbury, and two sisters. Teaches English, History and Science at St. Marc, a French-language public school in Ferguston, Ontario. Skeptic and critical thinker. Atheist. Interests are deep and vast; can speak knowledgeably and enthusiastically on almost any subject. Extremely popular at school and beloved member of the community. Along with his son, has become something of a celebrity because of his wife’s disappearance. Has an open friendly demeanour in public, much quieter, almost taciturn at home. Will occasionally drift off and become momentarily detached from people and events around him. Huge fan of psychedelic music from 1960s. Avid jogger.

Billie: A girl of approximately 10 years of age; date of birth unknown. Close friend of Justin Lambert. Last name unknown. Parents unknown. Address unknown. First seen in Ferguston on Friday, May 12th, 2006. Extremely high intelligence, although surprisingly naive on a number of subjects. Feisty, at times argumentative. Interested in everything. Highly tactile. Extremely shy in the presence of adults. Smells vaguely of cinnamon. Oddly feared by animals. Worships Justin. Last seen in Ferguston on Friday, September 8th, 2006.

Carl Lambert: Older brother of Martin Lambert. Works as a defence attorney in Sudbury; has worked in the past as a Crown prosecutor. Well connected, particularly with local law enforcement. Holds a degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in social and personality psychology, in addition to law degree. Has read just about everything, and has travelled to just about everywhere. An accomplished musician, singer, and cook. Outdoorsman. Bon vivant. Advocates for the marginalized and unjustly accused. Civil rights and anti-war activist in the ’60s. Bachelor. Avid supporter of microbreweries. Fierce skeptic and critical thinker.

David Raymond: Also known as D-Ray. Ferguston’s most infamous drug dealer, wannabe gangster, and overall trouble maker. By the age of 32, has been incarcerated in some form or another for half his life. A violent past, a taste for fast-moving vehicles, and a general disdain for personal safety has resulted in dozens of physical injuries over the years. One time leader of a local gang known as the Vipers. Has been known to associate with organized crime and white supremacist groups.

Debbie Williams: Paramedic, working in Ferguston. Originally from Sudbury. Biracial.

Mr. Lovato: Elderly next door neighbour of Justin and Martin Lambert. Widower. Owns an impressive collection of lawn ornaments. A bit of a curmudgeon, but is close to the Lambert family.

Doug Campbell: Chief of Medicine at local hospital. Close family friend to the Lamberts, and one-time supervisor of Justin’s mother, Élise François.

Irene: Campbell: Wife of Doug Campbell. Finds Justin a volunteer summer position at the hospital.

Dale Franklin: Police constable with the local OPP detachment.

Jason Bremmer: Colourful and reclusive editor of the Ferguston Clarion, Ferguston’s independent newspaper.

Karyn: Supply teacher at St. Marc public school. Teaches 3rd grade. Dates Martin Lambert for a few weeks in the spring of ’06.

Sandra: Works at the hospital records office. Friend of Debbie Williams.

Iris: Waitress at the Boneyard Diner. Friend of Debbie Williams.

Tommy Chartrand: Justin’s only close friend. Questionable judgement, manners and hygiene.

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